After a very Filipino lunch with mung beans my sister went craving for a Filipino sweet or dessert. My sister makes the wonderful leche flan, but she said too much calories but she even toyed the idea of Yemas. So I told her to check
Karen’s Pilgrims Pots and Pans and Sassy’s Pinoy Cook. pages for yemas.

We needed condensed milk but she said why not just check what we have in the cupboard and create from what she got. Well it turned out we have glutinous rice, grated and …. Coconut and sesame.

Palitaw. Palitaw literally means to float. Once the glutinous rice mixture floats it means its cook. So she asked if I have a recipe, I said no recipe needed on this. But if you want check Pinoy Cook. I know Sassy must have this. So she said Sassy has this proportion 5 cups flour 3 cups water.. click here to get the recipe

Ok we started measuring but I told her I do not want to make a lot we probably need to reduce the measurements. Also since the kind of rice flour might be different, I just keep checking the consistency. I applied what I do when kneading a dough, like sprinkling a bit of flour so you can lift the dough. As long I can make little balls of the mixture and wont stick on my fingers then I got it right.

For a twist I served half of it with grated coconut and half with desiccated coconut.
Palitaw was served with home made iced tea from brewed Celestial Seasoning tea we had delicious snacks yet so simple.
It rejuvanted all of us and soon everyone back to the garden pottering around.