My sister Tara and her husband Nick just came back recently from their short break driving around Killin, north west of Glasgow, around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.
They hiked, toured and stayed at wonderful BB’s they found along the way.

And they have been a wee tired from the trip and just want to eat something homey and comforting.
I myself after days of travel all I could wish for Is a simple Filipino dish that will set me back to my childhood days in the Philippines.

Munggo! Mung beans. Since I am not a food writer simply a passionate food lover I will try my best to describe how I cooked this food.

I washed the mung beans and place them in a pot of water and boil.
As soon it starts to boil I threw the water away and used a fresh one, simply boiling the beans till they become soft just enough to become mushy.

On another pot, I sautéed the garlic, onions and thinly slices of pork till tender. I added the softened cooked mung beans and stir it constantly on low fire.

I seasoned with salt and pepper, just before serving I added some spinach.
Karen of the Pilgrims Pots and Pans has told me that I should try this with chives, but we didn’t have chives.

In Philippines this is normally served with dried fish, some aunts of mine in Cebu even cooked this mung beans with smoked fish (tinapa) instead of meat.

I have brought some dried fish snack from Norway called TORRFISK, one with hyse – haddock and the other with torsk- cod. I drizzled them with a bit of olive oil and placed the dried fish in the oven.

Well it was a wonderful lunch, Nick just love it and ate the dried fish with gusto.