Stel of Baby Rambutan her post dated 14th of July, wrote about kakainin and she mentioned maja blanca (BLACMANGE OF CORN AND COCONUT CREAM) maja blanca is a popular afternoon snack lumped in the kakanin section of my memory …one of the items my ma or lola (grandma) would bring home as uwi (take home gift) from the wet market.

And she “dedicated” the recipe to me. The very next day I went to the Asian store and bought the things I need. But I was so caught up with unexpected things.

Corn Kernels, corn and coconut mixture, I used whisk to prevent lumps, and cooling down.

But today my good friend Emy, a high school classmate at Science High, Cebu (Philippines) has a birthday. Emy a paralegal whose office is at Beverly Hills, LA, is a busy woman and she said cooking has become so tiresome. We chatted and she asked me “if I were to ask you what would you cook or bake me for my birthday , what would it be?”

I know she loves Maja Blanca, my worst nightmare. I told her I will do my best to create a good maja blanca. My friend Boni who was here thought I was really losing my marbles.

She said in between measuring and stirring, “why are you torturing yourself with this heat.” Yes its almost 37C. But because I was roasting some chicken ( I need the chicken for my salad tomorrow). Also took the chance to roast some aubergine after seeing Ting Aling’s Tortang Talong, the heat in the kitchen was a bit unbearable.

I can already tell from my mixture I wouldn’t need much of gelatin . I have an agar agar stick – never in my life I used this. So I text Celia Kusinera in UK to guide me how much water I need etc.

The only difference I made from Stel’s recipe is I placed some corn at the bottom of the mould. And I used the savarin mould instead of flan mould because I love the scalloped look of the bottom.
But when I showed it to my husband he said YOU WILL HAVE A HARD TIME UNMOULDING THAT. Ouch!!!… he suggested to freeze it before unfolding.

From the taste of the mixture I know I have a good Maja Blanca. I sat down to analyse my previous blunders.
The other recipe I used didn’t mention corn starch. But I also thought of the coconut cream. I probably have used the coconut milk that explains the watery mixture I had.
This time too, I have a fabulous coconut cream.from Malaysia, a present from Bayi when he came. It’s the best I have ever tasted ( in a box). Growing up in the Philippines I cannot recall using canned coconut cream. Our house is surrounded with coconuts. Bayi said to me his wife doesn’t use this as well because she uses freshly grated coconut. But of course he couldn’t bring me fresh coconut cream, he brought instead the best what Malaysia has to offer Ayam Brand (read more) and the box says Perahan Pertama – First Press Milk.

At this time of writing my maja blanca is cooling inside the fridge. I will post another photo tomorrow when I will put roasted coconut on the top.


Thank you Stel, hope you are enjoying your short break.
Thank you Cecile for all the emails we have exchanged (no need to guess the contents of our mails)

Terima kasih Bayi for the tasty coconut cream.

When my husband saw my oven grilled aubergines he said “fancy some aubergine salad tomorrow?” We normally make the greek melitzanosalata, but I thought why not try Market Manila’s grilled eggplant salad. Think I will do both.