Halo halo… literally means “to mix”…. glass is filled with sweetcorn, boiled beans, nata de coco, tapioca , topped with shaved ice and evaporated milk, served with ice cream , in this photo with UBE ice cream (taro) and serve on baby coconut… this dessert is also popular in other Asian country called cendol, in Indonesia and Thailand, ais kacang in Malaysia.

Buko (young coconut)… the juice is so refreshing, the meat inside is still forming thus opaque, soft and delicate.

Guso… this seaweed is eaten as salad, almost as a form of ceviche, this is blanch first before vinegar, onions and tomatoes are added.

Lukot lukot… sea cucumber poo yes….well they are from sea cucumber and left on the rocks or seabed. They look like noodles and are eaten as salad or added to some soup.

Julienned vegetables.. behind the photo is a mountain of fresh egg noodles, make life easier you can buy your pre cut veggies (carrots, cabbages, celery) with your noodles.