Many times I have been asked why I do not have my travel photos on some online gallery for public viewing. Why? Its not because they are not good, the problem is they are far too good that I worry about PLAGIARISM.

Yes plagiarism a common disease in this cyber world, people using your materials and photos with no credit given. But I have not been a victim, not just yet, but two Filipino Food Bloggers have their photos used. Not just online (which was retracted very easy thing to press edit, delete, save, published) but this is the first time that copied photos from blogs ended up in major daily newspaper. Not easy to edit isn’t it when thousand of prints been distributed.

Well, Stef came up with a brilliant idea of Lasang Pinoy 4.5 as the idea came up Minette was still rounding up the Filipino Soul Food Blogging Event.

I spent countless hours, digging past archieves of Celia Kusinera and, and Market Manilahoping to “steal” their recipes and photos. I wanted something I have not cooked before and a Filipino cuisine.

Today however, I went to the wet market. I saw hocks and trotters. Aha Paksiw na Pata, I could “steal” Lani recipe. Oh to be honest, I didn’t tell Lani yet when I thought of it.. Shhh she might have a very powerful lawyer. I downloaded her recipe without her permission (opps a big sin… blog police here they come). Then proceeded with my preparation.

But since I do not want YEMAGATE SCANDAL , I did let Lani know my intention, but WHAT she does not know YET (she has not seen my message) is I will use her photo. Because right now am typing this story, my pork hocks are still simmering and…I have a “deadline” to beat.

Now , I need a good defense lawyer to prove my innocence and plead not guilty.

Paksiw na Pata

pata (hock) front (cut into serving portion)
white vinegar
soy sauce
cup water
crushed garlic
banana blossoms
1 crushed laurel leaf

1. Marinate the pork pata in the mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and crushed garlic.
2. Add water, peppercorns, and laurel leaf to the marinated mixture and simmer pata until
3. Add salt and sugar to taste (I want my paksiw sweet).
4. Add plenty of banana blossom.

Ok good recipe the only thing I changed it I added more bay leaves and spring onions. Thank you Lani.