blue potato fritatta

There was something beautiful about the name , “Jensen Beach”.
I first heard about the place from my ex-captain when he attended a wedding there last year and it stuck in my mind since then…. Jensen Beach.

I know it’s just north of West Palm. A couple of friends have moved there with the boat they are working on and they have been telling about the area and that I must visit.

Since we did not know what was going to happen with us aboard the boat, whether we were crossing the Atlantic or not, it was a bit hard to plan. Then we were told our bosses were coming to Ft. Lauderdale and yet nothing was sure.

But I still told my friend to look for a place to stay. When I got an email about the place, I could see the inn is a small place. Only 8 rooms and it’s a B & B and it’s a 107 year old family owned house.

jensen beach a boy and his dog

The two and half hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale , was well worth it when I opened the room. Sleigh bed, luxurious blankets and huge memory foam pillows. It was not the typical inns I have seen in the US, but rather something I would expect in the UK, except of course for the ceiling fan, the shutters and the wooden floors which are light and airy. A typical old Floridian house.

I have never slept fitfully for so long and when I woke up I noticed that the wall of room is a beautiful shade of dark blue and the front door leads to the garden.

As I was told there was a complimentary breakfast, oh and oh, a proper kettle. So here is the best part of the stay and I have let my friend write about it…

raspberry scones

When you think of the breakfast part of an American “Bed and Breakfast”, what images come to mind? Typical pancake house fare of pork products and eggs, coffee, toast and orange juice? All tasty, mind you, especially if prepared by a cook with a bit of care about them.

What if a different image came to mind?

Orange juice, yes, freshly squeezed just seconds before being placed on the table; organic teas, prepared in the English style, hand packed in “proper” tea bags; raspberry scones, piping hot from the oven, flaky and light with seemingly a thousand layers of buttery pastry and just the right balance of sweet and tart from the natural raspberry puree; and poached nectarines in a superbly light brown sugar syrup, subtly sweet, firm but not crunchy; finally, a blue potato fritatta – yes, wonderfully earthy tasting, deep indigo-blue heirloom potatoes surrounded by delicate and frothy eggs and a touch of cheese, served in a personal cast iron skillet, complete with a linen napkin secured to the handle with butcher’s twine to prevent accidental branding of your palm.

Yes indeed it was of the best breakfast I ever had in the US. And the innkeeper herself, Katie made it for us. Katie said I could always come in for fresh tea, heavens, that exactly I wanted to hear as I love their organic tea very much and while walking around the properly, Bella, the dog followed me everywhere.

Jensen Beach is located in Florida’s Treasure Coast, a name she got, as number of Spanish galleons were wrecked off the coast in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Inn at Tilton Inn
3350 North Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach
FL 34957

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