I know many of you have changed links and I discovered more wonderful blogs as well. However its been a while I have not really done any updating on technical side of webs.

Ever since my marriage ended, I managed to crawl out from that dark pit (many thanks to many of you for such loving support) I have kept myself busy with work and other things to keep me going. And find happiness back to my life.

This is also one reason I have not really been cooking and baking much, though I cook daily for my crew mates and sometimes for my boss.

Am planning to revamp this page sometime with the help of Beng and Thess. Beng has been a wonderful hostess and a friend (we met I went to Dusseldorf and had a blast).Thess is the other goddess of designs as well…

So be patient with me while I slowly update this page.

Also few people actually know the existence of my photos at flickr. I have kept most of my pictures private but I do get asked to share my travel pictures ..So you can find most of my photo files at flickr while I post my favourite photos at Impromptu.

And yes that TF moored in Venice

and if you see things gone funny on this blog its because its being updated!