Well I finally resolved the internet connection, am now connected to a UMTS system (don’t ask me that cellular lingo, inspite the fact I love gadgets like cameras and laptops cell phones never been my priority).

But the only way to get connected here at the yard is to get the latest cell phone use it to connect to my laptop with 3G technology. Speaking like a pro eh, don’t worry ask me about food I can discuss it at length ask me about what’s the model of my cell phone… duh I don’t know.

Since this is a food blog not this kind of technology site lets talk about cooking!

On this yacht I am doing the work of two positions, chief stewardess and the crew cook.
Other than being a first class domestic diva running the interior, I have been cooking two meals a day for the crew of 4… then 5 then 6 soon 8.
Doing the provisions and the budgeting of course is a part of it and not to forget scrubbing the galley everyday.

Few days ago, I found myself starring at the chicken pieces I have defrosted. I recalled how I cooked the chicken last week, I had coquelet which I roasted. I stuffed them with spring onions, garlic, parseley, lemon grass and ginger.

I make sure I do not repeat so the crew won’t throw me overboard.

Then I remember I saw briefly a chicken recipe on the December issue of Food & Travel which I bought in London few weeks ago when I went to meet up my boss.
Short enough but I managed to get some cooking magazines and browsed some books.

In this collection of recipes titled A Toast to Roast, I remember marking 2 recipes, Gammon stuffed with apricots and Wild duck with red cabbage. The Lemon chicken recipe was on the next page.

Prego, I have all the ingredients listed. The recipe here is the original but I tweaked it a bit. I added more than 4 sprigs of basil, wished I cut more carrots and did not really measure the rest of it.

Lemon Chicken

4 tbsp olive oil
1.3 kg chicken
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 large onions finely sliced
1 celery stick with leaves finely sliced
6 sprigs of basil
Juice and rind of 2 lemons
300ml hot water

Heat the oil in a flameproof casserole.
Season the chicken and brown it all over.
Remove the chicken and sauté the onion until it becomes transparent.
Add all the remaining vegetables and the basil and sauté for few more minutes.
Return the chicken to the pan atop the vegetables and pour over the lemon juice.
Cut the lemon rind into very thin strips and add to the dish.
Add the water and more seasoning.
Cover and cook slowly for an hour.

A few minutes after I poured the lemon, I tasted it, panicked too sour. But I waited till the water settled a bit and produced thicker gravy then tasted it again. What a harmony of taste. I suddenly craved for jasmine rice but I have to keep lunch light that day. But honestly we all dunked our bread to the sauce.

I know most of you are used to a beautiful set up of my food pics, but am afraid this is a bit impossible here at the yacht. I normally transfer the food once all the crew are sitting down.

One thing for sure I transported them to chicken heaven and the captain said to me: YOU KNOW MY DEAR, YOUR CAPTAIN ADORES CHICKEN.

This post by the way is for my friend Emy, who lives in California. Months before I left Athens for France she has been asking me for easy lemon chicken recipe. Tried and tested recipe she asked.

Emy and I went to the same school when I was still in the Philippines, was even in the same class for a year but never got to know each other. And through internet we somehow reconnected and of all my ex class mates, she is the one who literally traces my trips, we chat whenever am logged in and part of our chat routine is about food!!!!

Emy with her son J on Disney Cruise and on this trip she had her first escargot!!!