After two days of slaving in the galley, I took a train ride to Varazze. It’s 36klms from Genoa and Savona its nearest city. Lost in calculating the klms I travelled it took me nearly 2 hrs to get there.

Wings on feet as usual, I went all the way there to meet this Chinese stewardess who was feeling lonely and homesick. Having met her before I know I would have a great afternoon walking around town.

First I asked her what she wanted for lunch…pizza, oh heaven they make great pizzas there. My idea was seafood lunch but this is my Christmas treat for her (she is a Buddist but she explained in China they put Christmas tree too!)

So I let her have her choice but we had a spicy piquant salami pizza but I could not help ordering spaghetti vongole.

We walked along the sea back to her port…. bless this man still mending nets at his age!!!!

Varazze by the way is classical, a pearl of the Ligurian coast….like Brighton without the pier!