Last week been hectic. A week before that, my back ached, did not do much heavy things. I felt like a semi invalid. Culprit of my back pain, the new aerobics shoes, they were too stiff and I kept tripping over or twisting my foot.

As soon I was back to my merry self, the weather cooperated too. Sun smiled and the sky was blue – bit warmish. Took the chance to clean the veranda, cleaned the glass doors and the fresh air circulated around the flat boosted my energy to catch up with my domestic responsibility.
I was even in all fours scrubbing the stone floor of the kitchen and the marble work top.

Checked the fridge and pulled out a bag full of flat beans. The Greeks stew these kind of beans with tomato sauce called FASOLAKIA and I didn’t feel like a vegetarian meal will keep my energy going.

What reminds of these beans are the ladies at the market in the Philippines would sell these pre sliced. I would watch them in awe slicing these beans with a thin blade.
You know those blades used in shaving (am sure am not imagining this – I pretty have a good photographic memory).
I used my global knife to slice the beans thinly and I found a slice of pork chop (neck part).
Basically I just stir fry them.
I could not help myself but cooked rice too.

Last week too I have been tagged:

Those memes are going round the blogsphere. I have been tagged by two fellow food bloggers.
Mae of Rice & Noodles, based in Jersey, Channel Islands
and a wonderful jolly French lady Bea of La Tartine Gourmande
on 10 random facts about me. I posted this meme on my other blog which is still being tweaked and worked on.

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