Salmon SAM-uhn, solomo.

Finally I found salmon, when? On a snowy day, when most Athenians have made excuses not to show up at work. When most people just stayed indoor. ITS SNOWING, even schools are close.

Moi, I put my wool hat, my waterproof boots and went to see the fishmonger who said,
“Poli isixi simera.”

Greece has no salmon of course , I know that but the fishmonger still had to tell me. He said
Eivai apo Norbegia.
Its from Norway.

Oh well I started pressing.Fresh fish is soft but springy. He then said poli fresko.Very fresh, but if you know me I want to make sure what am buying its 12€ a kilo.
I asked for 2 slices and it came around 700grams.

I prepared it just the way I first tasted it in Stockholm. Kristin made this wonderful dish and while she was preparing the salmon I nearly started picking on the cashews.
Opps faux pass but she explained me the basic ingredients , voila no need of paper and pen.

This is my estimate from what I made today. I purposely did the measurements for the experimental cooks out there to try.

For a kilo of salmon

  • 100 g cashew
  • 150 g feta
  • 2to 3 tbsp Thai sweet chili sauce.

    1) Pre heat the oven at 170C
    2) Wash the salmon
    3) Pat dry
    4) Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper
    5) Chop the cashew (I used my hand blender/chopper)
    6) Crumble the feta
    7) Mix feta and cashew with chilli sauce
    8) Top the salmon with the mixture
    9) I added freshly grinded pepper.
    10)Bake around 7 to 8 mins

    Do not overcook the fish.
    The nutty taste of the feta with the chilli sauce is just a good balance.

    I paired mine with lettuce salad, with chopped parsely and dill, served with parmessan shavings.