Other than not having my own “office” and my dsl connection… I miss my own kitchen very much. This life on a constant go, a life which I have been doing for past years.

Well I arrived here (South of France) on Tueday night. Since then,I have been so busy dashing from my one appointment to another. I was in even in San Remo, (Liguria) Italy for a day when the French trains were running irregularly due to constant strikes that seems to be the recent social climate here in France.

Today, I finally had baguette lathered with beurre and jam framboise. Oh heaven after 2 mornings of just a mug of tea. The day I went to San Remo, I was stuck in Nice for a while waiting for my connection to Vintigmiglia.

I took the chance to look for something to eat and found brioche sucre. Oh lala from a bakery. I was happy sitting down on the bench at the platform waiting for the train while constantly keeping an eye on the notice board.. still retard, in San Remo my train was 40mins rittardi.

Today I had enough time to lunch between my two appointments. I met up with a friend who do not know much of Antibes. Since she has 6 hrs journey ahead of her back to Paris, I suggested we better have a decent lunch.

I took her to the marche. Passing near La Poste in front of Rober supermarket – great butcher within, I saw this man selling sea urchin. Well this is not the first time I have seen this cart at the very same corner. In fact they have always been there at Rue La Republique, but never after 1pm. Once they were selling fish for soup (soupe de poisson) and to my horror a big yellow moray eel which I lovingly call Mathilda when I see them when I dive.

What made me stop this time is this little girl eating SEA URCHIN. Well yes…the man was cutting the sea urchin for them while the mother was scooping the roe. She ate the roe with out lemon. Just roe.

I was gobsmacked! Here are a series of photos I discreetly took on a very grey day. Nothing can dampen the mood of this kid.

Blogging from Antibes, South of France.
Internet rate is 5€ near the port and 2.70€ in Juan les Pins 3€ in Cannes.