Having so used to my weekly farmers market in Athens, I badly missed my weekly walkabout from one stall to another. My interaction with the farmers all that….

Normally when I am here in France or Italy I really do not miss Greek food that much since there are similarities of the cuisine.

But since I arrived here, I have stayed at a friend’s flat (Filipinos) for few days and now have moved to another flat until I will move to the yacht this coming Wednesday.

Eating wise my eating habit has been altered to what my hosts has to offer, the mainstay of the table is rice of course. Having spent over half of life outside my country of birth I am not accustomed to eating rice everyday. Not anymore.

My cooking at home is absolutely what I can say fusion. I partly grew up in Greece, lived in different places and shares the kitchen with a Swiss Cheese. Other than that I experiment a lot of new recipes.

When my friend left for the Philippines the other day, she offered me her flat, a block from Place de Gaulle (Antibes’ main square). I was more than happy to take the offer.
With this I can basically cook and eat what tickles my fancy.
No offence meant to my friends they do cook wonderful Filipino food but I do miss my salad badly and the kind of Eurosian cooking I do at home.

So I went to the marche. I love French markets. I bought a mix salad of mesclun and baby rocket leaves. The smell of the tomatoes still on vine was just heavenly.
I got a kilo of new potatoes and some eggs from the farmer himself.

Then 100g of cheese. Well here is the worst part I forgot the name of the cheese. I did ask but as soon I left the market it went down somewhere my foot. It was pretty mild but I can taste the herbs.
I got saucisson _ salami type sausage and one with canard (duck).

On the way back, I stopped at the bakery to buy a fresh loaf of brioche beurre and was nearly tempted to buy desserts.

My hand was full, think its about time I buy the French baskets the ones they use for shopping (am thinking of buying different sizes since my Greek friend is driving to Greece in few weeks, thus I can send my baskets through him)

So I made mix salad, made potato salad the greek way (with boiled eggs, chopped onions, parsley, I added some chives, squeezed lemon and add a dash of olive oil.
I heated up the fish my Greek friend has given me.
Oh my Greek friend is actually a chef aboard one of the most known yacht that sits here at Antibes Yacht Club rather known as Millionaire’s Row!
Their crew is made up of Filipino and English, they had fish and chips so he wrapped some for me, just fish no chips.

No photos of my lunch. I was beaming with joy to have fish, potato salad and mesclun. I sat here contemplating how this summer will turn out for me.