The landlord recommends: YOUNG’S SPECIAL PREMIUM ALE
Smooth, tawny bitter with sweet malty citrus notes and a dry after taste
from this Wandsworth-based brewery. ABV: 4.6%,

That’s was on the board of Watership Down Inn, Freefolk, Hampshire, our local watering hole when we lived in the area. Taking its name from Richard Adams’ enchanting tale of rabbits, this homely 19th-century free house inn is situated close to the real Watership Down , an area popular with walkers. The pub now has a large conservatory and at summer time there are tables outside to enjoy the outdoors, The bar is at the rear of the pub. Excellent real ales are on sale and there is always a good selection of pub food.

We had drinks with old friends, Paul, Charlie and Ralph. For a year we have lived here in Hampshire, I usually don’t join this Friday night drinks as I am such a slow drinker and Friday comes I was just to unwind alone. But am glad I did, it was a great evening and I actually had a half pint of the recommended ale.

Do you know that British pubs have customs and etiquette?
1)Pub going is a culture itself.
Pubs are called PUBLIC HOUSES, and the owner/ host is called the PUBLICAN. Most pubs used to be a male bastion but these days they cater to women as well as families.

2)How to order.
Pubs do not offer table service — you have to go to the bar to order. You pay when served, and payment is expected in cash .You then carry your own drinks back to your table. When ordering, be sure to use please. It’s very important.

3)Buying a round of drinks.
It is common for one person to offer to buy drinks for the others, especially at the beginning. You should always offer to return the favour, either by paying a round of drinks yourself, or by offering to buy a drink for the person who paid for your drink.

4)“Have a drink on me”
Don’t tip the bar staff — the custom is to buy them a drink. A drink treats them as equals. But buying a drink is not automatically expected. Instead, it’s a friendly gesture. If you want to buy the barman a drink, when ordering just ask “and will you have one yourself?”But, if you are offered a drink on the house, the pub pays for it.

5)“Last drinks at the bar”
In Britain pubs can open between 11am and 11pm.
Don’t ring the bell that typically hangs on the wall at the end of the bar. It’s used by the publican or bar staff to signal the last call, usually about 10 minutes before closing.
The landlord will ring a bell and will tell people to order their last drinks (usually saying “Last drinks at the bar” or “Time, gentlemen, please”). The pub is not allowed to serve drinks after 11pm.

And just before our last round, we tried another ale, SIGN OF SPRING of Stonehenge Ales

Its brewed mid Feb-Mar-Apr-May. A light green, incredibly smooth and very drinkable beer, rich in both malt and hop aroma. Specially brewed for springtime (beer) lovers. Some of you may not like the sight of a green ale, but it was worth the pint.

Watership Down
By Richard Adams is where the pub got its name.
“…The story follows a warren of Berkshire rabbits fleeing the destruction of their home by a land developer. As they search for a safe haven, skirting danger at every turn, we become acquainted with the band and its compelling culture and mythos.”

Watership down (treeless hill) is not far from Freefolk. A part of River Test flows in Freefolk, and walking tours following the rabbits journeys will take to this area. Richard Adams grew up in Whitchurch and spent time walking along the River Test.