Yesterday, my husband suggested we drive to the eastern part of Attica, to be exact our main destination is Rafina. A drab port really but it offers a gastronomic appeal. The area is so tacky due to seaside development but the fishing harbour has attractive spots of SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS.

Markus wanted to check the prices of the fish market there, in between each restaurants are fishmongers. He just thought some restaurants in Athens over charge you for fish. Anyway I would say its 10euro less out there. We had a small lunch along the harbour(post will follow). After lunch I bought squids prices differ some sells 20euro a kilo the others 22. We walked up and down comparing at the end it was not the price that justified our choice but the freshness.

Markus said would be great to do some stuffed squids. To be honest I have not done stuffed squid but if I had to do the greek way its rice and herbs. I was thinking of stuffing them with vegetables. But oh I did not have enough vegetables, must wait for the Saturday market. I went through some cookbooks Italian, Thai and even a spanish recipe of Squid paella caught my eye. But I will be travelling again soonest. I need a bit of overdose of Filipino food.

Besides its too hot to do a lot of work in the kitchen. I suggested that squid adobo will be perfect, ha am thinking of easy cooking here. Well just about to cook Karen logged in and we talked about food as usual. She suggested ADOBO TAPOS I GISA SA MARAMING KAMATIS. Adobo then stewed with lots of tomatoes. I told her I haven’t done that but am sure its tasty. My adobo by the way is my own conconction. I go beyond the basic recipe of adobo of vinegar and garlic.I washed the squids properly and separated the ink sacs. That time I was still contemplating of adding it or not.

Here’s how I did it:
1) Slice the squids

2) 3 cloves of garlic squash

3) some bay leaves

4) spring onions

5) small ginger peeled and thinly sliced

6) vinegar & a dash of soya

7) salt and pepper

8) black peppercorns

Mix them with the squids and gently simmer. Since the squids are very fresh they do not need a long time to cook, otherwise you will have a rubbery squid. While waiting, I sliced some riped tomatoes. Heated up the pan with virgin olive oil, added the tomatoes then transfered the squids to the simmering tomatoes.
Voila a delicious adobo with stewed tomatoes. When I served it Markus actually said its similar to the Greek way.

I have forgotten that the Greeks do cook this way but they mostly use cuttle fish SOUPIA ME SALTSA…and they put some rice to the simmering squid or cuttlefish till it absorbs the liquid. I served it on hot steaming jasmine rice and it felt so good!