Káseschitten is listed as one of the Swiss national dish, of course tourist only dream of fondue and raclette, but I have discovered more than that and the real Swiss love affair of cheese.

We wanted something quick to prepare and M said he is going to make Kaseschitten basically a toasted cheese but he will do it the Swiss way. I said the Swiss way? That would mean kirsch isn’t it? He wished its kirsch but he drizzled the bread with chardonnay. It turned out to be great and he was a bit insulted when I said this is similar to the French croque monsieur. But no matter how you call it it’s the perfect way to use leftover bread.

1)Slices of white bread are browned in butter or just toast it quickly in the oven.
2) Drizzle the bread with wine
3) Grated cheese is mixed with beaten egg yolk.
4) The cheese is on the toasted / fried bread
5) You can add some cold meat
6) Layer sliced tomato
7) Top again with the cheese mixture
8) Gratinated in the over or under the broiler

As soon it came out from the oven with the cheese melting it let is rest for at least 2 mins then must be served as soon as possible. We cleaned our plates and accompanied the meal with a bottle of chardonnay, Pinnacle estate from central Californian coast. We took note of the estate, perhaps on our next visit to California, we will drop by.

He cooked, I helped,we cleared up together. For this evening, we had Momo who is vegetarian so we just took out the ham, added more cheese mixture to his share!