Croque monsieur (kROHK muhs-YOOR)
If you are in France and on a tight budget, and has gotten bored of baguette and paninis, try the Croque monsieur. As I mentioned earlier that we had a Swiss Káseschitten , this is similar. It’s a French style grilled ham and cheese sandwich, dipped into beaten egg before being sautéed into butter.
A special sandwich grilling iron with two shell shaped indentations is sometimes used for this toast.

and to Old Blighty
“There’s a ship that’s bound for Blighty, We wish we were in Blighty”

The English version of Káseschitten and croque monsieur is called WELSH RABBIT. This consists of melted mixture of cheddar cheese, beer sometimes milk served over toast. The cheese mixture can also be toasted on the bread and often accompanied with tomatoes. Welsh rabbit becomes a GOLDEN BUCK when topped with poached egg.