Blog o Rama The Global Pinoy Food Bloggers

This week, Manila Bulletin’s Blog O Rama continued with their feature on Pinay food bloggers who are scattered all over the world and yet remain Filipino in spirit.

Ajay’s writing on the wall.

Annalyn the feature writer of this Blog O Rama is also a foodie herself. On her page at Ajay’s writing on the wall she has section titled : MUNCHIN MANILA. She checks the latest restaurants at Manila or sometimes time willing creates some dishes as well.

Other than myself the featured bloggers are:

Thess of Eet smakelijk says, she just happen to learn how to cook when she left Philippines and has been experimenting dishes. She applies her creativity (she creates web design and templates) the way she represents her dishes too and her favourite client is her Dutch father in law, Joop!

Next is Master Chef Stel of Baby Rambutan. Stel claims to be an obsessive cook. Stel is really a wonderful person to deal with and we have shared a lot of ideas.She does magnificent Filipino cooking as well as international cuisine. Other than that she is willing to try brains, eyes, tails… and one day we will have a culinary holiday together. A very daring one and she has a demanding clienteles, her lovely family who are also her critics.

Minette’s Lafang List

I recently just discovered
Minette’s Lafang List, from
Karen’s Pilgrims’ Pots and Pans. Karen tagged Minette on her cookbook meme and described Minette,
a certified foodie, another disciple of Doreen (she and Bea were blockmates in school) who may have interesting stories to tell.

Speaking of Karen,before I knew this was online, she scanned the actual newspaper and sent us this

Thank you Ajay.

For those who didnt see last week’s part 1 of the Food Bloggers edition you can find it