A Chef in Boston whose love for cooking equals my appetite and love of food and eating ( not just.. but also creating) has invited us. We were asked to bring something exciting or else perform for the crowd instead.
So here are what am going to share on her buffet table though I might have to use her oven to keep the tarts warm.

Goat Cheese Tart

1) Roll out the pastry and line the non stick tart shell (short cut or puff pastry)
will post the basic pastry recipe soon. If not you can buy a premade one at the supermarket.
2) Bake approximately for 10 to 12 mins without colour
3) Set aside

For the filling:
1) Chopped onions, leeks and garlic finely and fry
2) Cool it down
3)Spoon the onion mix into the tart shells
4)Crumble goat cheese on top
5) Mix together one egg yolk with 2 cl cream
6) Season with freshly ground nutmeg, and pepper
7) Pour over the filling
8) Bake for 170c for 15mins

Goat Cheese in Parmesan Tuile

1) Pre heat the oven at 200C
2) Spoon 100g grated parmesan on baking sheet
3) Flatten them into rounds
4) Bake for 6 to 8 mins
5) Leave them for 1 min
6) Lift to shape here we used an egg box

Shaping the parmesan tuile by using an egg box

For the filling:
1) Put goat’s cheese in the blender
2) Mix with a spoon of cream fraiche and chopped chives
3) Season sea salt and freshly ground pepper and pipe to the parmesan touile

With these I will bring my favourite wine Gewurztraminer.
It is the most typical Alsatian wine. Gewûrz means “spicy” in german. It is the main characteristic of the Gewurztraminer. Traminer means “coming from Tramin”, a small city in south Tyrol of Austria where the grape is coming from.
The wine is delicious, fruity and with strong aromas, a very perfumed and flowery bouquet.

But am a gracious guest I might as well bring her some flowers and maybe a Greek cookbook so she can explore more.

Photos taken by Schatzli.