I will never forget this place, the very first time I was in Antibes array of shelled food caught my eyes.
But that time I could not eat anything with shells but instead I had the most wonderful Sole Meuniere.

And since then I have always taken friends here for lunch or dinner. The outdoor dining at the pedestrian zone in Antibes is a very delightful place to idle time and enjoy those seafood while sipping chilled rose.

L’ Oursin has always been a part of the scenery of my day to day walk. I always have a peek what’s on the menu if I pass the place.
There are times I just pass by in hurry but I always take notice this man arranging the plates with the selection of shelled food.

By chance one day when I was not rushing he was preparing a plate, luckily I had my zoom lens so I was able to take photos while staying away from his work place and those waiters rushing to serve the clients.

Last week, I bought some oysters of course and enjoyed a friend’s company, great food are best shared with good friends.
16, Rue R