Cooking full time for the crew seems to be taxing. I need to keep a diary somehow what I have been cooking for the past days as not to repeat same food over and making sure that I am also with in the monetary budget.

Other than those responsibilities I also want to feed healthy food. Fresh and healthy above all tasty.
There are times I check magazines for ideas and dig archives of food bloggers I know. If only have the luxury of time and energy to write I could literally post so much on this blog what I have been cooking and experimenting on.

But alas, when I cook making sure they eat a hot meal, I do not have the time to plate nicely and take shots. We eat 12 noon here and 6pm I normally doing all the preparation by 9am and cook around 11. So they eat really fresh and food still sizzling.

When I saw the swordfish in the freezer, I had no idea what to make out of them. I thought of pan grilling but then I did not any mess in the galley. I spent my half day scrubbing work tops, oven and stove itself.

Most of my hours are spent scrubbing pots and keeping the galley spot free. Yes this means every end of the day all the surfaces are cleaned and floor scrubbed. There goes the joys of cooking for the crew…. as you see we at yachts do suffer from obsessive compulsive behaviour when it comes to cleanliness.

So I needed to think of something quick and healthy. My Captain loves it when I bake or do fish en papillote. This way of cooking never fails and every time I do it I make certain variations.

This time instead of actually putting the fish inside a foil or parchment paper, I placed them on a glass dish.


  • Sprinkle fish with salt I used kosher salt and pepper.
  • Slice courgettes and tomatoes.
  • Chop some parsley and spring onions
  • Place all the sliced vegetables and herbs on the top of the fish. Add some fresh rosemary
  • Drizzle some good olive oil
  • Cover the dish with tin foil and making sure its tightly wrapped.
  • Put fish on preheated oven 350F and bake around 15mins not longer as not to dry the fish.
  • Serve hot.
  • I actually took my share of dinner and serve it with plain boiled jasmine rice. Et voila fast and easy… healthy too.

    That orchid by the way sits on “my” galley which keeps me happy. I love to put flowers around the area where I prepare food. I have that orchid for over 3 months but when we moved over 3 times to different marinas it just shed all the flowers and wilted away.

    Is this true for orchids being so disciplined and once you move them to a different light they sulk and die?
    Well I have no garden to plant my orchid so I just bought a new one to replace it.
    As long my galley has some flowers my creative mind flows out.