Its been a week since we came back from the Bahamas and ever since then, there was only a day that it did not rain. The storm season has arrived.

On a fine Sunday morning last week, I woke up early in spite the fact it was a day off when I noticed the emergency light went off. I dashed outside to re start the shore power when I saw the storm approaching us. All the crew came out to the deck after we heaved and felt the powerful wind that slashed at almost 42 knots. I have just to get used to this rain storm that is so part of the life here in Florida.

So what is the best to cook when rain comes pouring heavily?
Soup to soothe the soul.
I have been doing a lot of creamed soup lately. I needed something quick that lifts the mood up. I thought of doing the vietnamese pho soup.
Hmm I do not have the beef. At the end I just made a soup what ever I could find in the fridge.

I first made a broth. I boiled chicken pieces with ginger, parsley, spring onions, carrots.
After straining the broth, I chopped the chicken into tiny bits.

I sliced carrots, celery, thin slices of ginger, spring onions and some cilantro. I boiled the clear broth once again and added the vegetables except for the cilantro. Just before the vegetables are soft, add the chicken, season to taste.

Serve with chopped cilantro. Soothing…..

And to add a bit of cheer on such grey day, I bought some lilies and a pot of orchids to brighten up the day.