Oh well after this site got hack and a wordpress bug stopped me from posting delectable photos for the readers to drool, time to catch up with blogging, isn’t it. I certainly have no more reasons not too, oh yes when we use the Marina’s wifi I could not do ANY BLOG AT ALL!!!

So , where I’ve been?

Unlike last year where every day I found myself at different places every day or at least every other day or so along the coastline of France, Italy and Croatia, this year has been a little of a drag.
Oh no am not complaining its a good break from my usual routine…

After 5 weeks trip in the Bahamas we found ourselves going up down the coastline of Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Miami and back.

After the trip from the Abacos ( I did not want to come back that soon,the photo alone of the inn just make you want to stay) we just sat in Ft Lauderdale for a very long time. At this very moment of writing I am back here in Palm Beach.

We have no more trips the boat am working on is up for sale. Yes I had chances, so many offers to go back to the Mediterranean but I have declined them all. Sometimes I find myself having wishful thinking that.. perhaps I should have gone back but Florida keeps holding me to stay.

Since we have been put up in the market and have no trips, our crew been down sized too. I have taken the role of the chef. Most times its just me and my deck hand A, few days a week our Captain is around.

A joined us the week I was in London for a short break last January. I met him when the crew came to pick me at the station at West Palm. And oh I never had worked with a deck hand closer to my age, A is a year younger than I. Most of the deck crew I have worked with are in the early 20s.

On A birthday last May, I wanted to do Stel’s chocolate malted layer chocolate cake , but the day before I was due to bake I did not have the malted milk. So opted for another cake recipe which I found on Trish Deseine’s “I want CHOCOLATE” cookbook.

Many moons ago, I googled cake chocolate recipe and linked me to the well known Parisian blogger Chocolate and Zucchini’s . She wrote about baking Melt in your mouth chocolate cake that sent me to click amazon dot com (oh the joys of internet!).

Light and Airy Cake

1 cup unsalted butter softened
1 cup sugar
4 eggs
2 cups all purpose flour