I came back from Athens just a week ago. The following days was spent cleaning the galley. Scrubbing the walls, fridges and cupboards. One cupboard is full of baking goodies… nuts, flours, syrups name it all including two bags of Valrhona chocolates.

I love making brownies with these chocolates….

On the upper shelf is what our chef calls emergency stash. Basically it’s where you can find Betty Crockers cake mix…
In our job and industry, we tend to shop and stock up for weeks when we are on a trip. You can’t easily just dash to the supermarket when we are anchor off in a remote island.

Now with the boat up for sale and trips have ended, I am slowly emptying cupboards. Make use of what we have as much as I could. My captain has told me if we sell, I will just pack most food stuff and give them to the poor.

Thats how I make use of that pre mixed muffin where you only add the berries, oils and eggs. They turned out great but I still prefer doing everything from the scratch.