A coastal trip and a seaside lunch…….

Christmas Eve was a quite affair but we danced our night away at two bars in town. We greeted the sunrise of Christmas day on our way back home.Few hours sleep later we drove, got lost on our way to my sister’s mother in law for Christmas lunch.

The lunch alone would make a whole story but we had a great time. Kiria Sevasti roasted turkey with chestnuts stuffing, made cheese pies filled with 3 types of cheeses, refreshing cabbage and maroulousalata. But it was a different feeling. The party did not feel so complete without my sister’s father in law who passed away early this year. And the two grandchildren were not there. But it was great to be with the family on Christmas day.

26th of December was completely different story. We wanted to drive south to show Neil the Corint Canal then to Epidvros Theatre. Then a drive along the coast hopefully to find a sea food tavern. But we all woke up too late.. a visit to some ruins.. sea food.. coast. Then I thought of CAPE SOUNION where the classical TEMPLE OF POSEIDON stands. Its been a long time I have not visited the temple though I was in the area last summer. Sure Neil would love that.

The “Sounion Hiron” (sanctuary of Sounion) is first mentioned in the Odyssey, as the place where Menelaos stopped during his return from Troy to bury his helmsman, Phrontes Onetorides..

For me its not just the classical point of view I was after for, I wanted to show Neil the landscape around. Viewing to the north you see the snow capped mountains of Central Greece. To the east the island of Kea and the you see ferries crossing from Lavrion to Evia.

Other than the Temple we wanted to have seafood. A perfect location, a small tavern below called AKROYALLI (Cape) serves wonderful bounties of the sea. I wonder what Poseidon will say….

Tavernas in Greece are informal affairs. You can dig the food from the main plate itself, there was no need to order individually. So we started with wine from the barrel. We ordered tzatziki (yoghurt dip with garlic and cucumber).

Fried baby calamares (kalamaria), grilled shrimps (garides), fried chips (patates), boiled bitter greens (blita), marinated mackarel (marinato), greek salad (xoriatiki), and grilled bream (tsipoura).

The place was full but you should have seen it last summer, it was packed, Greeks do stay for hours enjoying their meal and no staff will shoo you away either.

Feeling so stuffed but with a satisfied smile, we hiked up to the Temple. 70klms drive the Sanctuary was close.Well we have expected it, a holiday of course. We walked to the edge of the Cape watching sailboats and ferries passing by.

We took the inland route on the way back as we have driven the coast line in the morning stopping by at Varkiza where the fish market was open. Fresh octupos, squids, huge tiger prawns €36 a kilo and those rock fish for soup. At home’s comfort where I lighted my advent wreath which I bought from the German Bazaar, my Swedish angel chimes, we had green teas, kourabiedes and
Dutchy Originals Organic mince pies .
We certainly have a very diversed Christmas one can imagine.