Ah its meme time again, my 3rd on this food blogsphere. First it was about Cooking Meme where I learned to cook and the Cookbook Meme what kind of cookbook I own.

Mae of Rice & Noodles and Grace of
The Kitchen Journal tagged me. Mae in Jersey and Grace in Angola (grab your map locate them) wanted to know whats my 10 favourite food.

10 only? What a task for somebody who loves to eat.

Photo taken: Lombok, Indonesia. This was along the beach where most locals hang out. Am eating lentong ketupak (rice cooked in banana leaves) and satay.

Since I have so many favourites and my eating habits can be dictated by cravings, moods, weather and many more, I list whats the first 10 that came to my mind.

1) Seafood – any except shrimps, which am allergic to but every now and then I get this urge to taste it. In few mins my face turn into a polka dot red. I don’t fry fish anymore but I will do with the Italian fritto misto.

2) Risotto – I should say with asparagus (not canned please) and with mushrooms with a bit of truffle oil. I have once tasted with baby cuttle fish, have not cooked this one yet. It was at GREYHOUND, one of the finest gastro pub I have been to. It won a Michelen months after we went there.
Oslo’s Grand Hotel, serve this with chorizo.Yummy!Risotto Milanese will be fine too, the scent of the saffron will send me to 7th heaven.

3) Soups– If my friend Bea will read this now she will say “yes she loves soups except that she does not dwell on Minestrone”. In Switzerland its my standard order to have a small bowl of Consomme Royal. Oh I hate barley soup.

4) Salads – nicoise, cobb, capresse, mesclun, rocket with good balsamic & parmessan- any really as long its refreshing. Most of the time I just make what ever is available from the market, I try not to buy from the supermarket!

5) Feta cheese – Greek cheese made with goat’s or sheep’s milk. Recently I discovered some organic feta which is so good. When I go to UK this is what you find on my luggage.

6) Canned tuna – I always keep some in the cupboard for emergencies. Either I just pop it on my salad, or make a sandwich with lots of mayo and onions.

7) Roast lamb with a garlicky mash– Marinating the lamb with lemon and rosemary, pricking the meat with garlic.

8) Gratin Dauphinois – French comfort food which I learned to cook 22 years ago when a French friend of my mother taught me this. I use strong cheeses like Appenzeller cheese or emmental cheese.

9) Pasta – Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncini
& Pasta vongole. I can even tell you the best vongole I have is in Genoa just in front of the Aquarium there an a place called Caravelle.

10)Norwegian Marzipankake – maybe the whole Scandinavia has this for I have eaten this in Sweden as well. Sponge cream layers sometimes with raspberry topped with marzipan.

Sure just 10?
11 at least NOODLES!!!