My god child Paola has been ill for a week has always loved my brownies. So baked some yesterday and went to visit her. My mother has discovered this recipe 20 years ago. Since then my sister and I have been using this recipe and we perfected it or not, we still bake this, but perfection is not our game. The taste of this soft chewy brownies is just irresistible. We have been using the same dark chocolate the Greeks use, Ion koubertoula. Chef doesn’t really like this choc, he goes for a better and expensive quality (he is from the land of chocs and will find a way to scour the best source). These days however, I have tried different dark chocolates. I have found Nestle Chocolat Noir and think its pretty good. In UK we have discovered Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70%, Green & Black is the worldÂ’s first organic chocolates. Whatever brand of dark chocolate you may use will do, as for me who is on a constant move, this is one recipe you can find on my Filofax wherever I go
Photo is from old file, chef has the digicam
original materials by schaztli