I never had sea urchin in my life, whenever I am in South of France, I just look at it with sheer curiosity.The thought d oursin, the prickly sea urchin just doesnt entice me to try it.
But one day as we were snorkelling in one of the most beautiful cove we discovered in Skiathos, a greek couple joined us.
They were obviously not there to sunbathe or to idle their time. I took my fins and snorkel, wondering what they were up too… it didnt take long that I realized they were “harvesting” sea urchins that have settled well on the rocky cove.

We saw them devouring each urchin and how carefully they cut it into half. After a while I passed them when I went to snorkel once again, but as soon I came out they invited us to share their bounty.We scooped orange roe with our fingers. It was fishy sweet taste…I think its a matter of getting used to the taste!