I was walking down the road when I pass the fishmongers and saw wonderful seabass (loup de mer) glistening, calling me “am fresh am fresh” For 13€ a kilo it wasnt too bad, got 2 pieces and ask him if he could clean the fish for me. Walking towards home my mind was swimming of LOUP DE MER EN CROUTE DE SEL.

Ever since Stel posted her Salt Baked Chicken my gastrofantasy was going in and out of the salted baked fish, which I discovered few years ago when I was working in France. On my visit few months ago at the organic shop I bought Atlantic sea salt. But oh, my salt wasnt enough to cover 2 pieces of sea bass. With a broken heart I opted for another baked fish.

The cooking is uncomplicated, it simply involved chopping some chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic and strips of green peppers.

1)Season the fish inside out with salt and herbs to compliment the Mediterranean vegetables
2)Oil a large dish and sprinkle chopped onion, garclic, parsley and some herbs.
3)Lay the fish
4)Scatter more chopped onions, garlic, parsley over the fish.
5)Pile chopped tomatoes, strips of gree pepper, if you want add some black olives. 6) Pour more olive oil and maybe some white wine (optional) or
7) Cook in pre heated over at 220C, baste the fish at intervals.

Mine was cooked over half an hr When fish is done it can be served straight from its baking dish. This post is still a part of Emy birthday wish. She kept asking for a simple easy cooking.