Last Monday I was at the Goethe Institut again. Yes again I do love going there when I want to forget the hustle and bustle of Athens, get pampered with soothing Swiss/ German food.
The catering team of the café is lead by Lisa, a lovely woman from the Appenzel
of Eastern Switzerland region
, place I love so much for its customs and gastronomic delights it offers.

While the rest of the catering team are from Liechtenstein and Germany.
Lisa made some creamy pumpkin soup and it took a while to register the flavour… Curry.
Simple, delicious and lifting.

So I made mine…

1kilo pumpkin
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
Spring onions

  • Slice the onion and crushed the garlic

  • Cube the pumpkin
  • Heat up olive oil, saute the garlic and onions
  • Add the pumpkin, add salt, pepper , a dash of soya
  • Stir it occasionally so it wont colour (mine got a bit dark, I slightly burned the onions)
  • Sprinkle a bit of curry. I mixed two types , madras and the other one which I didn’t notice HOT!!!
  • Add a little bit of broth or just water till pumpkin is soft
  • Simmer a bit then cream the pumpkin with a hand blender
  • Season to taste & Serve with chopped parsley
  • Pumpkin photo taken Marche Forville in Cannes, France

    As in the photo, it is slightly dark, I burned the onions a bit, the phone rang and I forgot to lower the heat.
    Then later in the evening a friend passed by. I offered her a bowl and she thought it was too hot, she is not so used to curry am afraid.. Or I simply over did it.

    To lessen the hotness of the curry, I added cream on her soup, giving it a richer velvety taste.
    The simplicity of this soup has given us much comfort!

    Pumpkins!!! Photo taken at Maeinfeld, Switzerland rather known as Heidiland