The day before I joined the yacht for 2 weeks trial, I went to Cannes and met up a friend. Cannes as some of you know was my base last year.
I arrange to meet my friend at the gare – station but the bus did not turn the usual route.
It turned left passing the marche. So I took the chance to walk around the market and took series of photos of this lady and her tuna.

We just came back from St Tropez. I will soon post photos how we cook at the boat when it cruises at 50 knots at 38kph. This is a fast yacht am working. The chef/butler of the family is not used to boats… that will be another story to share. Getting sea sick and cooking!

I do not cook when Chef is with us, I do the crew food when Chef is not around.
The family have left for London except for the Mrs J. We might go to Cannes with the boat and tomorrow I will be doing my BIG SHOPPING. Food and things we need living and working on board.

Enjoy the photos at the moment I have a tuna overdose. Chef has been cooking fresh tuna 3 days in a row and the kids love canned tuna.

Now what’s your favourite way of preparing fresh tuna? I love mine seared with ginger and served with salad. Or carpaccio of tuna…