Today, March 6th is the day that marks 40 days of the Lent. Lent of the Orthodox Christians (ΣΑΡΑΚΩΣΤΗ.. Sarakosti saranda- 40) starts today what the Greeks call Kathara Deftera. Meaning Clean Monday or Shrove Monday.

In the next few hours, the Greeks will be driving to the country side to be with their families. Athenians will go to Filoppapou Hill opposite the Acropolis where people picnic and dance. Children fly kites.

I had no intention of adding a new post but about 2 hours ago I got into a wrong bus. My bus would normally turn right a block from the main market. The one I took passed the market and the traffic at 1130pm was so bad. Then I noticed that the inner court of the market which I call Neptune’s Lair was so bright.

What the market is open?

The fish market is open till wee hours today to sell fresh seafood for tomorrow festivities. At this time yes is still is.
So I got off. I knew my camera is dead but I was crossing my fingers it would let me snap few photos.
I managed a few shots.

I normally love to take photos of the ongoing buzz but honestly it was a nightmare where hundreds of people were jostling.
They were so fresh. Clams, mussels, shrimps, trouts, octopus. Outside the market there were few gypsies selling fresh cos lettuce and onions for the maroulosalata.

I bought a kilo of mussels for 6euro (dreaming of moulles frittes). I nearly got tempted for buy clams for heavenly pasta vongole.

The batteries finally gave up, I wanted to go to the corner where stalls were selling dried bacalao, sardines, tarama (fish roe for taramosalata), dolmades (vine leaves wrap), olives, feta, halva and dried fruits.

Today’s bread is called lagana, unleavened.

Well next time. I make sure my batteries fully charged. It’s now 0139am Athens time and after few hours sleep… we are off for a walk, join the crowd (nah I got no kite) and then for a seafood meal. Most likely for fried bacalao (cod fish).

As the Greeks will say KALI EBDOMADA, have a good week.