The weather has been so great the last few days, warm days, blue skies… spring is on the air. Earlier today, I took my sister and my brother in law with me to the weekly farmer’s market. Prior to that, I dashed to the post office and wore my vest over my wool pullover… just to be told off, “It’s almost 20C you know!”
20C what???
Warm very warm indeed.

So my sun deprived sister and brother in law, were more than happy to join me at the market showing off a bit of flesh hehehe…
It was a pleasure to be able to snap photos since Nick is a fantastic “cargador”. Carga.. carry.

My sister gasped with admiration at the stalls selling local lemons. In the UK, lemons can be so expensive and not so juicy. She was so amazed of the price and the size of the Greek lemons that she bought over a kilo.

When I lived in UK, what I really missed most of Athens was the weekly farmers market where sun blessed vegetables and fruits are a lot cheaper.
I remember once that we were in Tesco buying nectarines in a netting bag and we were staring at each other, thinking how blessed Greece is with the sun and bountiful citrus fruits.

Other than lemons, we bought oranges, beetroots, rocket leaves, potatoes, carrots, eggs, fish and Tara bought a bunch of freeschias.
As soon we arrived home she made some lemonade and it felt like summer… almost!