Isn’t it a pleasure to gather fresh herbs for your soup, omelette, salads, and roasts?
Last weekend visit to the garden centre was such a delight that I could have brought all the herbs available. But we got the ones we mostly use, cilantro, oregano, mint and rosemary. I have forgotten the parsley though.

Herbs are the soul of good cooking and by imaginative use of their natural flavouring agents a simple fish or chicken will enliven by using these herbs.


Cilantro is for Mexican and Caribbean dishes, raw fish and fish.
Rosemary- It is indeed a versatile aromatic herb which I love on my roasts especially lamb. I think in most Mediterranean. In Italy the fishmongers always give you a sprig of rosemary when you buy fish.

Mint well the Cuban drink mojito uses a lot of mint. Mint can be use for sauces, lamb and fruit salad

Oregano is so common on Greek dishes. What is Greek food without this herb? Oros in Greek is mountain, this herb grows on high altitude on Mediterranean, mine might as well thrive on the 1st floor veranda. Oregano is spicy and pungent, great for sauces, pasta and grilled meat.


Since I don’t have a garden my herbs are potted that turn the dull terrace something to appreciate and admire. I found some old pots that made a perfect little herb garden. Once I will get more plants, I am planning to put them on a wooden wine crates, which I found at the antique store not far from our flat.