Lettuce Salad
Well M kept saying he feels like going to Greece soon for a short break and we have been looking for tickets. Well we both MISS GREECE and the food.
The other day, I sent him to buy some salad and he came back with lettuce, hoping we will do a Caesars salad, but with the crouton, egg yolk and Parmesan we opted for a healthier salad.

Here is one of my favourite salad in Greece , maroulousalata.

Cos lettuce is abundant and this refreshing salad is wonderful with meat or simply by itself with a slice rather a chunk of feta.

For the salad:

extra virgin olive oil
2tbsp white wine vinegar
1 cos lettuce shredded (if you wash and clean the lettuce earlier, soak the leaves in a bowl of iced water- this will keep the leaves fresh and crunchy then “dry” them with kitchen paper towel
1 bunch of spring onions
chopped dill
Salt and pepper

Mix oil and vinegar
Add salt and pepper
Combine with leaves and season
Serve as soon as possible as it is at best when crunchy

You can add feta and decorate it with olives.
And I always serve with extra slices of lemon too.

Cos lettuce (marouli in Greek) is also called Romaine (Roman) Lettuce.
Cos or cos lettuce (mainly with British-speaking peoples) because it is said to have originated on the Greek island of Cos (Kos), off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea (also the birthplace of the physician Hippocrates). It’s original home is western Europe and the eastern Mediterranean area.

Romaine has been cultivated and eaten cooked or raw for almost 5,000 years and may very well be the oldest form of cultivated lettuce. It was known to the Romans, who usually ate lettuce cooked, as Cappadocian lettuce, and was called Roman lettuce due to the Romans belief in its healthful and healing properties.

COS is an island north east of the Aegean facing Turkey. An island on my wish list as I have not explored these group of islands called DODEKANISIA, (12 islands).
All I know for sure is there are many Filipinos there.. how is that such a far flung island from the capital has many Filipino migrant workers???
Jeans factory, a factory owner in Kos went to Manila and hired a certain number Filipino to work there. The factory shut down, many of them moved to Athens and have worked for other clothing industry, some ( a few I know) work for some famous Greek designers. Few stayed those who have children and dont be surprised if your cleaning lady at your hotel is a Filipina.