We had roast shoulder of lamb today, the tender juicy roast I have been dreaming since I came back here last Tuesday. We went to Tesco, four of us, my sis, myself and our husbands, we just love shopping for food together!
My sis said she will be the cook today and I asked for a good mash. So here is a very basic recipe for shoulder roast lamb.

1) shoulder of lamb
2) salt & pepper
3) fresh rosemary, garlic
4) olive oil

How to roast:
1)Preheat the oven at 200C
2)Season the lamb, and rub it with fresh garlic and rosemary
3) Add more garlic and broken fresh rosemary
4) Roast till top of meat turns brown
5) Lower the temp to 180C and cover with foil
6) Roast for 2 hrs, do not over cook, just enough for a pinkish meat
7) Rest for few minutes before carving

Use the juice for a home made gravy. We paired ours with mash potato and I topped mine with fried garlic and shallots and a Chilean wine, Isla Negra. Best “pub meal” up north indeed.

I took that photo while my sister was peeling the potatoes, her husband kept her company in the kitchen playing his clarinet.