Kafe Snack Bar ala Greek & Ouzeri
Off to UK and as usual my bag is full of the following:
1) Feta Cheese
2)Mizithra Cheese – a Greek cheese made with the whey from Feta and Kefalotiri, along with sheep and cow’s milk, which is used to enrich the cheese. It is sold both fresh and aged. Fresh Mizithra is soft, resembling cottage cheese and the aged is shaped like a large egg and is firm with a pungent aroma and mild flavor. This cheese, is perfect for grating.
3) Ouzo– a potent Greek anisette flavored liqueur made from wine grape residuals and other fruits such as dates and figs. When mixed with water and ice, this liqueur turns a cloudy white.
4) Rigani- Oregano a herb from the land of Homer, which we sprinkle on salad and meat.

Luckily my sister’s mother in law is occupied with many other things otherwise I probably would have her home baked cookies and some OCTOPUS, boiled for hours then preserved with olive oil and vinegar.

Bless the Euro zone “nothing to declare” otherwise I wonder what is it like declaring all these at Heathrow!