Gamleyen Fredrikstad

The original plan was to take the 0937 train north to Hamar, a town just south of Lilehammer. But we left the flat past 9am (my fault it took a while to get out of bed) and little did I know the bus does not come often on Sundays. It was sure we would miss the train. What’s next.. Brainstorming at the bus stop
1) Take tram to the edges of the city and hike around the lake.
2) Take the tram to Frogner and hiked all the way down.
3) Go to the train station and see the departure board…
As soon we reached the central station, we looked up the departure board..Halden via Moss, Fredrikstad, Kongsberg to the the old mining region…Stockholm, Bergen..wonder which way.

M went to the ticketing office with the guilty party in tow!
Hei! Which train depart to where the soonest?
Why what do you want to do?
Some walking!
Just walking then to Kongsberg, but do you want to see thing?
Yes why not…
Well she said go to Fredrikstad, its for walking and sight seeing.

Fredrikstad- Old Fortress Town, founded by a king fond of parties, an antiquated name with ageless charm.
In 1567, the king of Denmark -Norway , FREDERIK II, decreed that the town of SARPSBORG burned by the Swedes should be rebuilt. The town has to be resituated at a place that as easier to defend. The east bank of Glomma was the obvious choice. The homeless citizens move nearer to the estuary and in gratitude they named the town later a city after the King.

In 1600’s the Swedes were up to their tricks again thus the town was fortified and has become as well as
a military enclave to defend against Swedish invasions with multiple embankments, moats, gates and a drawbridge.

Glomma River

M and I went first to the “new walking along the embankments of the the Glomma. You can see old abandoned buildings and newly renovated buildings that has become waterfront residences.
Walking towards the dock of the ferry to take us across the GAMLEBYEN (old town), we stopped along the river bank for our picnic lunch.
Tickets for the ferry 10KR about £1

The 2 minute ferry ride took us across to the narrow cobbled streets of the fortified old town with well preserved 17th century buildings.

The Stone Storehouse built in 1674-91 now houses a gallery, where artists have their workshop as well. There were great colourful bowls I was eyeing but no, we just enjoyed the works of art.

We went to the information centre which used to be the Arsenal and the Slaveriet and found out that the town will host the TALL SHIP RACES this coming August. From there to the Kings Square where a statue of King Fredrik stands.

M and I walked around, stood at the embankment till we circled the whole gamle byen.
Time for afternoon tea, we found this delightful KONDETOREI .It serves as a store (which feels like a dainty country store) and coffee shop. A town that deterred the enemies did not deter our sweet tooth.

Cafe sign, carrot cake, cafe latte was great and the marzipan cake.

Soon after that, we crossed back to the other side and had an unexpected game to witness. Boules. What a day indeed, missing a train, ended up in picturesque place and had an unexpected suprise.

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