Avga ya mora! Eggs for children, in Greece that’s the sign you see, eggs for children. Ask the vendor why is that. They will say there is no chemicals on them, but why just for babies?

There maybe nothing special with omelette (AHM -let) but it becomes one when you start adding whatever you could make it special. I had some ORGANIC FREE RANGE EGGS and some leftover sausages. I added spring onions to the eggs, before I could finish whipping, my husband said “think there are some mushrooms”. Just before I could serve , another one said “can we have feta on it?”
Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning!

My omelette for that day, left over sausage, mushrooms and crumbled feta.

And what else made it special? Organic Free Range Eggs
Organic eggs are expensive when compared to eggs farmed intensively, but the difference is in taste. The hens’ cereal diet, which is available for them to peck at constantly, is free from GM ingredients and artificial yolk colourants.
Their yolk is paler than intensively produced eggs, but a variety of shades occur because they supplement their diet with whatever grows on organic pastures. The more variety of herbs and grasses, the better the flavour as well.

Organic chicken basking under the sun where they enjoy a happy outdoor life, thus producing tasty eggs.


When I think of happy chickens I shudder to the thought of my childhood holidays in the southern part of Cebu. I remember my uncles’ cousin having the factory style battery chicken. They were all enclosed and hardly had any space to flap their wings. I remember too well those yellow bulbs to keep the chicken going on production and the bags of feeds given to them. How marvelled then the sizes of the eggs and how fast they could lay eggs. Now I know better.

Organic chicken spends their time outdoors and when the sun sets, move into a special built chicken houses, that is airy, clean and light. The chickens are kept in smaller groups compared to the ones raised intensively . These houses too are moved every now and then so these chickens can graze at different areas. It is a comfort to know that the chicken who laid the eggs, have a decent and a happy life!

Chicken house in organic farming, that size has only less than 30 chicken in it, but its only used at night time to protect them from foxes. They spend the whole day outside eating worm, herbs and grasses.