Wistful Reminiscences

An old student of my mother has left me a message… heard you were home but how come I did not see you? It was hard to explain why I did not tell everyone I was coming home. I grew up in such a small town where everybody knew each other. I wanted to remain […]

teh tarik… langkawi, malaysia

… pulled tea in Mandarin. A tea that would take me a while to love. The tea is poured back and forth between two containers ( watched this process when I was in Singapore) to give a strong flavour called “pulling”. It is such a strong black tea served with condensed milk. You can enjoy […]

Clan VI’s Drop Cake

To be honest I did not know what to expect from this cake. Stephen was in Italy and was constantly raving about this gooey, so soft a cake their Swiss chef made for the crew. He described to me all the ingredients that rather made my crew’s eyes roll…. figs, dates, poppy seeds? But he […]

Lucca… a city of vaulting arches

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~Lao Tzu Perhaps last weekend’s getaway best described that quote. We had no fixed plans, we could not even rent a car… we did not force ourselves to make it to the train station early. We even thought it would be just […]

Toad in the hole …. Done Steve’s way!

I was telling an American friend that I I did not have to cook the crew’s meal that day as we were all given the day off after the boss left. But I did mention that we had a very interesting dinner: TOAD IN THE HOLE… Toad in the hole, what? His reaction was exactly […]

breakfast at the inn at tilton place

There was something beautiful about the name , “Jensen Beach”. I first heard about the place from my ex-captain when he attended a wedding there last year and it stuck in my mind since then…. Jensen Beach. I know it’s just north of West Palm. A couple of friends have moved there with the boat […]

MITseaAH’s Apple Pie

It all started asking Stephen suggestions what to bake. Of all crew mates he is pretty much involved with food ideas what to feed to the crew. Perhaps because he loves food and cooking himself and loves to try any food. One day he simply said APPLE PIE. Oh dear it has been ages I […]

a birthday celebration… lemon pancake cake

For weeks I racked up ideas what cake it should be… …. he does not like frosting so there goes the wicked chocolate cake I had in mind layered with cream frosting.I even dreaded about what if we did an Atlantic crossing then the birthday would be at the open seas, what if it would […]