Gambas al Ajillo

It was a very long season. We left Spain in April. The trip took us to Sicily, Athens, the Greek Islands, Istanbul, South Turkey , Thessaloniki, the Sporades and the Ionian Islands of Greece, before crossing the Ionian Sea to Italy again. After dropping off the guests in Olbia, we did not wait long and […]


I have been blogging since 2005 and used to have three blogs which I could not keep up anymore. So I consolidated it all in one. Food, photos and travels… I have met greet foodies and photographers along the way… then a friend started a photo meme in which we would post a weekly photo […]

Off the Beaten Track in Lesvos & Kinilaw (Ceviche)

  It’s been a kind of a trip I would say unexpected. We left Rhodes with an instruction from the boss that we should just move up north to Thessalonica slowly and enjoy the cruise. In most cases we just played with the weather. It’s again the meltemi season here in East Aegean, for those […]

Herb Lady _ Kas, Turkey

She spoke no English and I speak no Turkish word… but who needs words when you only need to smell the aromatic herbs and do sign language for how much. We were dining out in Kas, Turkey when she passed by with her basket full of wild mountain herbs.. I bought a bunch of oregano […]

Hawker Food… Langkawi

I was out alone walking around Antalya (Turkey) and was feeling peckish… I did not want to sit and have a full meal, just something I can nibble and fill my stomach. But nothing seemed too enticing for my palate, perhaps I was ill or maybe because everything seemed to be familiar, as most food […]

Hazelnut Chewies…

Hazelnut Chewies …yes we met online thru our love for food. She stumbled upon my website and after going through my archives, she realized that I am in the yacht industry. She was in Barcelona, I was in Ft Lauderdale. We exchanged emails, almost two summers ago. Then in 2009, I was back in France, […]

Alugbati…Malabar Spinach

… or the vine spinach The cook and I continuously had our little disagreements. While I was craving for locally sourced food, she wanted to fry meat which I have a dislike of. Frying in the Philippines is so common but I wanted to eat the food I missed. So many times I went to […]

Food Philippines

Halo halo… literally means “to mix”…. glass is filled with sweetcorn, boiled beans, nata de coco, tapioca , topped with shaved ice and evaporated milk, served with ice cream , in this photo with UBE ice cream (taro) and serve on baby coconut… this dessert is also popular in other Asian country called cendol, in […]

Langkawi’s Wet Market

I took the bike along the beach here in Valencia last Saturday… it was sunny yet the wind is biting. I dismounted from my bike and paused to hear the surf crashing against the sand and feel the wind against my skin.. Warmed by peacoat and scarf I wanted to take off my shoes and […]